Born in Geneva in 1974, Mauren Brodbeck has, since her youngest years, been delivering an eclectic and multicolored body of work that calls into question ideas around "being" vs "appearing to be", working in a realm of expressive forms sublimated by color. At the tender age of 12 the artist took her first steps into the fascinating world of photography quickly discovering a passion for all and any of the arts: film, photography, screenplays, design, art directing, singing and composing, dance, writing, magic, fashion... With her heightened curiosity, these forms of expression combine in a magical alchemy that allows Mauren to explore the world and achieve her existential quest to define the place of humans in contemporary society and in relation to each other. At the heart of her work, certain recurring themes come and go, each a different take on the subject of identity: adolescence, self-portraits, architecture and urban landscapes.  

In the course of a cosmopolitan trajectory that has opened doors for her at home and everywhere, the Swiss artist has fashioned a colourful and fascinating body of work that stands out from the rest through its sweetened pop colours, its radical tone and intensely bold side.

In the four corners of the world, the artist has filmed moments of grace, drawn urban landscapes with a camera and design palette, danced in the rain and sunshine, made ads, composed music, depicted faces,  and made many other stops on a long a winding road to self discovery. With exhibitions at art fairs including Photo Miami, Paris Photo, Art Cologne, Mauren´s work also forms part of numerous private and public collections, including Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne, Vaudoise Insurance, and Auer Photo Foundation.

Since releasing her book "Œuvres photographiques / Photographic works 2004-2014" with Drago Publishing, Mauren Brodbeck began working on a new creative phase, using sound and senses to get closer to a sense of truth. From this new career direction emerged four pictorial series and one performance that follow and resonate with each other, but are in no way alike. Each series corresponds to a particular identity that through its multiple personalities connects us to our animal nature. Howwwwwwwling like a wolf... The mission is clear and unmistakeable. The aim of the artist is to stimulate desire from the inside, to achieve her intimate dream, to declare that everything is possible and that the only rules are the ones that we impose on ourselves. The magic exists in the present moment, for each of us possesses a living force, an internal volcano of the self. Just one look can turn its flame into fireworks.

After having photographed adolescent figures in the full bloom of "becoming", the Geneva artist does not hesitate to take the stage with ever-present color the common denominator in changing sets, and through varying postures and paces. Here, musical notes and songlines parade like multiple identities in the disturbing game of mirrors that comprise her and set her apart. "The question of identity has been at the heart of my reflection for several years. How do we find and rediscover our true identity?" Behind this fundamental question the answers combine, and the possibilities expand like an enormous playing field, where all mixtures, all audacity and all challenges find freedom of expression.

By consciously and wakefully living out her dream through performances that blend music, song, colors and dance, the inspired artist invites her audience to reveal themselves a little, a lot, passionately in an electro-pop-colored game of hide and seek, sketched knowlingly between light and shadow. The self is the other and the other is the self, all while taking shape, bit by bit, right under our noses. As the vessel for a universal message this communication becomes stunningly pure; both simple and obvious, like a barely concealed declaration of love that takes on the airs of a modern day fairytale. "I'm reconnecting with everything I loved doing when I was a little girl: dreaming, singing, dancing, putting on shows, acting in theatre pieces.  That moment just before going on stage is still absolute magic to me. I am no longer conscious, everything becomes very natural and totally authentic. It is as if the numerous performances and installations created by the artist gave her the dream opportunity to create deliciously mesmerizing universes.

With a strong appetite for musical composition and for the art of turning words into songs, Mauren's improvization plays at bringing us home to our human condition in any given environment. Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want? Why? A question that is open to all possible interpretations. Like a trail of crumbs laid before us, the eclectic trajectory of the multi-talented artist can be read between the lines. Trained at the Vancouver Film School, the Pasadena Center of Art and Design and the Geneva School of Art and Design, Mauren Brodbeck has voraciously devoured the world and her era under the influence of the multiple and sublime gifts offered by life. Recipient of multiple awards, her luminous body of work has traveled far and wide, like a book that opens to the secrets and treasures of the world, all of them reflections of the soul.