Launching the Podcast "On Display" / by Mauren Brodbeck

New podcast explores how women artists overcome societal demands to maintain their creative identities and artistic practice


A the end of last year, I launched my special project RAW AND RADICAL. My mission is to foster a strong community of like-minded female artists, creative women, and art enthusiasts who stand up for freedom of expression, empowerment, authenticity, and who work towards global change. I started a first podcast, “PRIVATE VIEW,” in which I intimately explore my personal experiences and challenges as a female artist.

Living a creative life is a daily commitment that requires faith, love, and self-confidence. This is a place to connect, become inspired, be true to yourself, dream, and shine. Let's remind each other that anything is possible! Let's speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Let's inspire each other.

March 8th, 2019, for International Women’s Day, I launched “ON DISPLAY,” a new monthly podcast dedicated to intimately exploring the challenges women artists face while living their creative lives.

“ON DISPLAY” features conversations with present-day women artists, focusing on how they maintain their artistic practices and creativity while also coping with the expectations of society, their families, workplaces, and the rest of the creative community. While most art-related podcasts focus on best business practices, marketing, and career advancement, “On Display” is devoted to discussing how identity, creative energy, and outside demands intersect and interplay in an artist’s quest to live a creative life.

“Through this podcast, I want to inspire and empower women who aspire to live a creative life by opening up a really honest conversation about the true nature of our creative force, our role as women in society, and our challenges, fears, successes and failures. The podcast is about our inspiration, our commitment, our learnings, sincerity, and openness.”

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