My latest sound piece "Path to Heaven" will be exhibited at the 15th Lyon's Biennale, which opens today. This biennale was conceived as a vast ecosystem and it is through the theme of the environment that Bénédicte Maselli, doctor in contemporary art and independent curator invited me to create a sound piece that goes hand in hand with the drawings and sculptures of the french artist Arthur Novak on the Amazon inspired and made during his travels in this region of the word.

Opening reception Friday September 20th from 6:30 pm (see address below)

Exhibition from September 18th, 2019 to January 20th, 2020

The latest news on this exhibition that presents more than twenty artists and 10 galleries are on a dedicated Facebook page

Listen to this 38 minutes sound piece now or on your cell phone in a more intimate setting : pathtoheaven or by using this QR Code:


"Path to Heaven" is a trip to the heart of my imagination and a reflection on the current issues our environment faces. It is an invitation to wander and explore new territories, not only with the point of view of an explorer but also in a more general way as a society in search of meaning and truth. This piece proposes us to take part in an inner journey.

It is divided into five acts that form a meditative walk in a universe of both analog and electronic sounds created from original recordings that Arthur Novak made during his travels in the Amazon, from current recordings of wildfires and bird songs from the area, children's games and sounds from NASA recordings of our universe's explorations.


Rendez-vous des Galeries

Loft 4-40

4 Rue de la Quarantaine

69005 Lyon