Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had the sense that I was not fully participating in this reality, and as well was part of the imaginary world, also immersed in the magic of the invisible energies around us. I felt like I was either fully participating, fully immersed or on the outside looking in, simply observing my surroundings, society, and how people behave. This contrast between belonging and not belonging fueled my fascination with the small details of our lives—the stories we tell ourselves and others, our dreams, how we express our emotions and individuality, our experience of noise, and the visual tableaus found throughout our days.

Now, as an artist, I constantly explore different forms of expression to reinterpret and translate those untouchable, non-sensory experiences into a tangible form. As a photographer, I began by playing with collage, lab chemicals, and colours, and now I also incorporate edited video and sound to create immersive, multisensory experiences. The result is a collage of digital and visual stimulation that explores the gap between what we perceive as reality and our fantasies.

I also bring a strong feminine identity to all of my artistic work. I am at once a little girl, a young woman, a mother, a warrior, and an enchantress, and I observe and interpret reality through these archetypes. As a result, I find poetry and beauty in even the most ordinary of circumstances. That consciousness is expressed through both my artistic aesthetic and the techniques I use to create each piece or experience. 

I believe that the conflict between our deepest, innermost truths and desires and the pressure to conform to society’s rules and expectations can become a catalyst for discovering and expressing our true individuality and potential. Through my art, I offer an alternative reality, disrupting our “normal” and opening the doors to new possibilities, new dialogues, and a new understanding of ourselves.