• Mauren Brodbeck, a Swiss multisensory artist and singer-songwriter, uses visual and auditory elements to create startling reinterpretations of common objects and experiences. Her multidimensional works invite her audience to step outside their safe and familiar realities and reconsider their relationships with the people and environments around them.


    Brodbeck's arts education began at the Collège de Saussure in Geneva, where she focused on the visual arts-drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and videography. After graduation, she moved to the Pacific West Coast for several years, first attending the Vancouver Film School in Canada for a diploma in film production, and then going on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Southern California.


    As a student at ArtCenter, she gained international attention when her work was selected for inclusion in the inaugural "reGeneration, 50 Photographers of Tomorrow" global travelling exhibition, curated by a committee from the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland. The exposure she received led to a solo exhibition with the J.J. Heckenhauer gallery, ongoing representation with the Lumas Editions Gallery, and inclusion in a number of Art Fairs, including Photo Miami, Paris Photo, and the Berliner Liste.


    Following these successes, she decided to expand into multisensory works and enrolled in the post graduate program at Geneva Haute École d'Arts et de Design "Immédiat" to study interactive arts and new media. Her recent multisensory productions include "Barenaked," a solo show at the Auer Photo Foundation, and "Mood Motel," an interactive, automated installation at the Andata Ritorno Laboratory for Contemporary Art. In 2014, Drago Publishing released a 10 year retrospective of her work, Mauren Brodbeck, Oeuvres Photographiques/Photographic Works: 2004-2014. Brodbeck's pieces can be found in a number of private, public, and museum collections.


    Brodbeck's current works focus on the concepts of identity, authenticity and territory, exploring the gap between reality and fantasy and reinterpreting common experiences to reshape our stories and emotions. She is also the creator of Raw and Radical, a project focused on inspiring, connecting, and supporting women artists including a series of podcasts. When not immersed in her artistic pursuits, she writes and spends time with her family at their home in Geneva.


    Mauren Brodbeck in her studio in Geneva



    Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had the sense that I was not fully participating in this reality, but was instead part of an imaginary world and immersed in the magic of the invisible energies around us. I felt like I was caught between being fully present in the world and looking in from the outside, simply observing my surroundings, society, and how people behave. This contrast between belonging and not belonging fueled my fascination with the small details of our lives – the stories we tell ourselves and others, our dreams, how we express our emotions and individuality, our experience of noise, and the visual tableaus found throughout our days.


    Now, as an artist, I use artistic mediums to reinterpret and translate those untouchable, non-sensory experiences into a tangible form. As a photographer, I began by playing with collage, lab chemicals, and colours, and now I also incorporate edited video and sound to create immersive, multisensory experiences that explore the gap between what we perceive as reality and our fantasies.


    My process is to begin with raw materials, such as photographic images or recorded sounds, and use a variety of techniques to alter and transform them, such as erasing, layering, multiplying, sampling, coloring, and reproduction. I often create multiple versions of the same work, reusing and repurposing imagery with both the historical practice of creating multiple reproductions of that current reality and the current multiplicity of digital photographs in mind. Through this process of image and sound sampling, timeline manipulation, and performative collage, I transmute my original subject matter into the finished piece.


    I explore the relationship between raw and digital mediums in my work because I am fascinated by how far we can push and repurpose these mediums, how the line between the two becomes increasingly blurred and questionable, and how we deal with this dichotomy in our own lives. All of my work plays with the concept of duality – pushing the boundaries between corporeal and immaterial, creation and deconstruction, tangible versus digital, and the contrast of macrocosm to microcosm. 


    I also bring a strong feminine identity to my artistic work. I am at once a little girl, a young woman, a mother, a warrior, and an enchantress, and I observe and interpret reality through these archetypes. As a result, I find poetry and beauty in even the most ordinary of circumstances. That consciousness is expressed through both my artistic aesthetic and the techniques I use to create each piece or experience. 


    I believe that the conflict between our deepest, innermost truths and desires and the pressure to conform to society’s rules and expectations can become a catalyst for discovering and expressing our true individuality and potential. Through my art, I offer an alternative reality, disrupting our “normal” and opening the doors to new possibilities, new dialogues, and a new understanding of ourselves.




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    « New Work, NW» Espace R, Geneva 07.10.08 – 07.11.08

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    Post Graduate Studies in new media and interactive media

    HEAD Haute école d'art et de design, Geneva, Switzerland, 2005-2008


    Bachelor in Fine Art, photography and imaging

    ACCD Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, 2001-2004


    Certificate in production

    VFS Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC, 1995


    Maturité artistique en arts visuels et moderne

    Collège de Saussure, Geneva, Switzerland, 1989-1993




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    « Shame » 90 minutes, Design Days 2013, Sicli, Geneva, 2013
    « Shame » 22 minutes, Bal des Créateurs, Geneva, 2013




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    London International Creative Competition Award 2013, Creative Award Performance «Shame»
    Deutsche Design Prize 2012, nomination
    Grand Prix Romand de la Création 2011, Best digital campaign - interactive photography, “Plus qu’une Mission” Geneva state police
    ED Award 2010, European Design Award, Silver Award, Signs & Displays, Ecole des Petites-Fontaines, Geneva
    Grand Prix Romand de la Création 2009, Graphic Design / Signage, Ecole des Petites-Fontaines, Geneva
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    2002 Adobe Achievement Awards, Photography Section, Honorable mention
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